#Register4Yes – Making sure you can vote

Register4Yes - Making sure you can vote

Every vote will be important in the upcoming referendum to remove the Eighth Amendment from our Constitution. It is therefore important that you make sure you, your family and friends can vote if at all possible.

In order to vote on May 25th you have to be an Irish Citizen, 18 or over on the day of the referendum, have been ordinarily resident in the state on September 1st in the previous year. The most up-to-date record is kept by the local authority where you are registered so if you registered within the past year you should call them to check if your details are correct. You’ll find their contact details here.

You can check to see if you are on the Register in your local City or Council office, Post Office, Garda Station or Library; or you can check online at is a search system which will return a negative result if the details are not exactly as entered on the register e.g. your name or eircode. 

If you find you are not on the register but are entitled to vote you can apply for inclusion on the Supplementary Register. The deadline for inclusion on the Supplementary Register is Tuesday, May 8th and those entitled to a Postal Vote must apply before Saturday, April 28th

Supplementary Register

To be included on the Supplementary Register you must complete form RFA2.

If you have moved address you can apply for inclusion at your new address by completing form RFA3. This will remove you from your old address.

Postal Voters

You may be eligible for a postal vote if you are:

  •  An Irish diplomat or his/her spouse posted abroad
  •  A member of the Garda Síochána
  •  A whole-time member of the Defence Forces.

You may also be eligible for a postal vote if you cannot go to a polling station because:

  •  Of a physical illness or disability
  •  You are studying full time at an educational institution in Ireland, which is away from your home address where you are registered
  •  You are unable to vote at your polling station because of your occupation
  •  You are unable to vote at your polling station because you are in prison as a result of an order of a court.

To get a Postal Vote you need to complete form PVS1, if you have a physical illness or disability that prevents you from voting in person. If you are prevented from voting in person by reason of your occupation, you need to complete form PVS2.

The deadline for Postal Votes is April 28th.

Special Voters Supplement

There are a variety of arrangements in place to assist those with certain disabilities in Ireland to exercise their voting rights. You can:

  •  Vote at an alternative polling station if the local station is inaccessible
  •  Be helped to vote at the polling station by a companion or the presiding officer
  •  Vote in a referendum using a ballot paper template if you have a visual impairment
  •  Vote by post
  •  Vote at a hospital, nursing home or similar institution if you live there.

At least one of these facilities is available to you if you have a physical illness or disability, a visual impairment or a reading or writing disability.

To be included on this list you need to complete form SVS1 by April 28th.

New Irish Citizen

If you are already on the Register of Electors and have become an Irish Citizen you must fill in form RFA5, this will enable you to vote at all elections and referendums.

Making sure you can vote

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