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Kerry says YES to care, compassion and change

This press statement was issued on May 27th 2018

Kerry says YES to care, compassion and change
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Kerry Together for Yes welcomes the overwhelming Yes vote in Kerry. This is a vote for care, compassion and change for pregnant people in Ireland.

Paula Dennan, Kerry Together for Yes convener said; “The people of Kerry are compassionate. They understand there is no one size fits all approach for women and their families. They understand the Eighth Amendment is not fit for purpose and they voted for to have that compassion reflected in our abortion laws.”

Paul Bowler, Kerry Together for Yes spokesperson said; “All credit for this wonderful result must go to the people who with trepidation knocked on thousands of doors across the county. This group of mainly women with no political background braved abuse and apathy in pursuit of their human rights. This was a grassroots, feminist campaign that has given our county’s elected representatives a mandate to support the proposed legislation.”

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