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Kerry for Choice welcomes Joint Oireachtas Committee findings

This statement was issued on 17th December 2017

Kerry for Choice welcomes Joint Oireachtas Committee findings

Kerry for Choice welcomes some of the findings of the Joint Oireachtas Committee on the Eighth Amendment of the Constitution as an important step towards securing real and realistic abortion access in Ireland.

Paula Dennan, Convener of Kerry for Choice, said: “The Committee’s decision to recommend Repeal Simpliciter is the first step to ensuring pregnant people have access to full reproductive healthcare in Ireland. Both the Citizens’ Assembly and the Joint Oireachtas Committee have shown that when people are presented with the evidence they move towards a pro-choice position.”

“Yes, we are optimistic but it is a cautious optimism which relies on the Government undertaking the work required that will ensure a referendum next year. The recommendations of the Citizens’ Assembly are the absolute minimum that we can accept.”

Ms Dennan concluded: “One woman every week leaves Kerry to access the abortion care they need abroad. They should not be forced to travel. They should be able to receive the healthcare they need at home. The people of Ireland are compassionate, it is time our abortion laws reflect this.”

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