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Kerry for Choice welcomes Government’s ‘repeal and enact’ referendum proposal

This press statement was issued on 30th January 2018

Kerry for Choice welcomes the Government's repeal and enact referendum proposal

Kerry for Choice welcomes the Government’s repeal and enact referendum proposal.

Paula Dennan, Convener of Kerry for Choice, said: “The Government’s announcement that a referendum on repealing Eighth Amendment will be held before the end of May is a momentous occasion for the people of Ireland. We are one step closer to ensuring that the one woman every week who leaves Kerry to access abortion services abroad will be able to receive the healthcare they need at home.”

“While we, as a regional group of the Abortion Rights Campaign, have always campaigned for repeal simpliciter and we would still prefer if abortion care if abortion care was not singled out in our Constitution, we are willing to support this provision, if worded properly, and heed the legal advice given by the Attorney General.”

“We are looking forward to an energetic, compassionate and respectful campaign. We are repealing the Eighth Amendment because we want an Ireland where everyone has access to compassionate, timely and local healthcare.”

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